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Flip Flops


Surf's Up Events, have always been a source of great entertainment, unique experiences, and an overall fun atmosphere.

Don´t miss out on one of our music days or special events.

Check below for what is happening month to month. 

**New Reservations time change for music days. All reservations must be seated by 12:45 on Thursdays and 1:45 on Saturdays, after that time any open tables and seats will be available as first come first serve. We won't be taking reservations for music days after 12:30 on Thursdays or after 1:30 on Saturdays. We have had so many people in the past make large reservations and not show up leaving empty spaces that could have been filled. Due to limited seating in the restaurant, we are always striving to make the best and happiest environment for all our guests.**

No upcoming events at the moment
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